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City in the south-central region of the U.S. A city in which the rest of the nation is not very aware of aside from the bombing. A city that doesn't give a fuck if you don't like it. A city where most people own their homes and know how to pay their fuckin mortgage. A city with some great pubs with 6% to 9% beer, (get off the pussy bud light shit!) A city with proud citizens. A city that doesn't have time for feeble minded stereotypes. A city with a large college population. A city that is outsider friendly, until you make us punch you in the fuckin mouth. A city you don't want to pull a gun on, because we all got 'em. A city with democrats and republicans. A city of entrepreneurs.
Cannoli Joe: "You're from Oklahoma City? Are you a fuckin redneck or do you live in a teepee?"

OKC Jim: Punches Cannoli Joe in the fuckin mouth and pisses on him as he lays flat. "I got your fuckin teepee right here ya fuckin retard!"
by OKC Jim September 10, 2008
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