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3 definitions by Nothing but the truth

1. Stupid ignorant who thinks the universe revolves around his country which is made up of immigrants and stolen land from their southern neighboors.
2. Fat person
3. A person who loves to mess with other countries and who loves war.
4. Racist
5. A person who loves to see fat men running and tackling the shit out of each other around in thight pants while eating nachos and tacos which are made by the immigrants they hate.
You are ignorant, fat, and you love war...! Are you an American or what...!??!!
by Nothing but the truth May 05, 2007
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Latino from an island smaller than Rhode Island that if it wasn't for the U.S. they would be illegal. Puerto Ricans can be distinguished by their unique style, which immitates that style of black Americans. You can find them at all times listening to their little reggeaton and speaking the worst Spanish I've ever heard.
You cannot speak Spanish too well! You are such a Puerto Rican!
by Nothing but the truth May 05, 2007
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1. A person from Brazil.
2. A prostitute (female)
3. A good soccer player(male)
4. Dirty arrogant person who brags about being from such a great country even though they have one of the highest rates of AIDS in the whole world and most of the people in their country are starving.
5. Woman with big ass
2. Most Brazilian women who come to the U.S. are such Brazilians!
3. He is good at soccer but he is not smart at all! What a Brazilian!
4. Why is he proud of being a Brazilian just because of the soccer team?
5. She has a Brazilian as.
by Nothing but the truth May 05, 2007
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