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-A common way to pronounce a testicular deformity

-Sometimes used to define an obsessive masturbating person,
who rapes dogs, and sings in retardation while covered in spaghetti sauce. These kinds of people are more likely to be latino's and are fat, some sitings have been of omar's rubbing their nipples.
-Nate- Wassup, whats wrong wit chu

-Victor- "Hey dogg, I was ramming this BITCH hard up the ass, when I realized I had an Omar(1)!!!"

-Nate- Ohhh!!! that sucks!!!

-Nate- Hey did u see that Omar(2) rubbing his nipples in Law class?

-Victor- yeah, I heard he rapes his pet chihuahua while watching gay porn.

-Nate- Scary....
by Nos Institution of Linguistics October 05, 2010

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