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When you release your bowels (shit) in a womans mouth, then she proceeds to spit it onto your penis, then suck your shitty dick.
"Dude I love stink llamas!" said Blake "Dude woman are gross" said P-wells
by NoT StInK HoRn CrEaToR January 16, 2010
Where a stink horn is executed (Look up stink horn for more info on that) and the female spreads banana on the mans testicals, then proceeds to lick it off.
"Dude Sally gives the best stink monkeys!" said Jackson
"Man I'm gettin in on that!" said Joey

I forced her to give me several stink monkeys....my mom wants to know what happened to the bananas.
by NoT StInK HoRn CrEaToR January 16, 2010

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