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noun: A monotheistic religion founded by the prophet Mohammad in the 600's. It Means "submission", referring to sumbission to the will of Allah, the supreme deity of Islam. Followers are called Muslims. Their holy book is called the Koran, Kuran, Qu'ran, or Qu'raan. Their holy city is Mecca, located in the Middle East. Important figures in Islamic history and theology include Mohammad, Khadija, Fatimah, Ali Ibn Abu Talib, Abu Bakr, Emperor Akbar, Emperor Shah Jahan, Queen Mumtaz, and many others that I am not aware of. True Muslims are expected to pray in the direction of Mecca five times a day, follow the month-long partial fast of Ramadan as well as other cultural festivals and fasts, and not worship any other gods except Allah.

OPINION: I know many Muslims and they are all free-thinking, secular, and wonderful people, BUT it cannot be denied that some of the most powerful figures of the religion are cruel and vindictive - therefore the faith gets negative attention from the media - attention that is well-deserved, but simply should be redirected to the individuals and groups that choose to interpret Islam in a horrible way. And others here need to get off their high horse and realize that Islam DOES have flaws, just like any other religion, and DOES leave room to be interpreted in a violent way. Even if they are "0.01%" of your population, accept that the majority of terrorism comes from Islamic fundamentalists. How about this: We promise not to judge you all as a group if you promise to take a stand against your misguided brothers with us.
There's a lot of controversy today about Islam and where it stands in modern, secular society.
by No one really cares July 15, 2008

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