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A Swedish gamer on youtube. He makes many sexual puns, and speaks remarkable English for someone from Sweden. He specializes in making Modern Warfare 2 commentaries, often opening his videos with, "What up, dawgs? Tejb here, to tha face, to tha face!" or, "It's yer boi Tejb!" He is the most subscribed and viewed Swedish person on youtube, often saying his videos will make you touch yourself.

His real name is Tobias.
Viewer 1: "Did you see Tejb's newest Flawless Free for All on Underpass? He headshotted and was like, 'To tha face, to tha face!'"

Viewer 2: "Yeah dude, that Swede pwns some serious n00bs."

Viewer 1: "I totally love Tejbz! His pwnage with the Intervention sniper is totally unrivaled!"
by Nizzle Chrizzle Pizzle April 12, 2010
The reason that so many guys have begun to love their Xbox 360/PS3 more than their girlfriends. The leading cause of breakups in the UK, France, the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
Girl (ex: Betty) "Why don't you ever text me any more?"

Guy (ex: Nathaniel) "I found a new love. Her name is Modern Warfare 2. Her parents are Infinity Ward and Activision. Tejbz said this would happen."
by Nizzle Chrizzle Pizzle April 29, 2010

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