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Unwanted baby for the father of the baby. Mostly abortion happened as a result of pressure from family and the father of the baby. This man gives no support to pregnant woman. He doesn't want to have a baby even though mother of the baby desperately wanted to keep the baby. The father of the baby leaves a pregnant woman alone. The father of the baby forced to have an abortion to women.

The facts of the abortion is not what women wanted. Women who were pressurised and had no support.
The father of the baby; 'It was easy to make her having an abortion. I just left her alone even she was having severe morning sickness.'.

The father of the baby; 'I can get away from making her having an abortion. My life is easy as I always have own happy life even I made her an abortion.'

I pleaded him that I wanted to have the baby, but he left me alone and he said it's just a foetus.. He said there are so many women had an abortion and I said I didn't want to be one of them.
by Nikiniki October 24, 2009

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