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1 definition by Nijis

Lebanon: An experiment that failed miserably. In 1948, Lebanon was created from Syrian land. The country is full of Arabs who pretend to be European due to an inferiority complex.
Lebanese often boast that they have the most whores in the middle east. This is true, the women are sleazy and can be cought easily. The women are so ugly that most of them undergoe plastic surgery, the highest rate in the middle east.

Lebanon is a place full os sectarian hatred. The people of Lebanon were famously known for killing their fellow citizens by glancing at the Religion on their identity cards. During the civil war lebanese were also known for butchering thousands of their fellow citizens with knives and killing babies.

In recent years the country did not want the Syrian military in Lebanon, and in return the Israelis bombed the hell out of lebanon in 2006 due to a lack of syrian protection.
Lebanese are most famously known for being pretentious and racist. For example, many Lebanese will have a sri Lankan maid that they abuse, physically or sexually. They are also racist against People of color.
Lebanon is a country full of hatred based on sect. If you dont hate, your not Lebanese
by Nijis April 10, 2009
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