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A private server based in Canada (pronounced Canadia jokingly) that's Open PVP, that emulates iRO. The head GM, named Peter updates the server when he 'feels like it' (or so somebody said on the Xenopahse Forums)

The server specs are 2x/2x/2x, and all iRO classes are available. Newer maps such as Hugel and Rachel are also available.

Ragnarok Frontier is also a friendly community with it's fair share of 'shitheads' who decide to make fun of the GMs (Peter, Poka Sumi, Zidanet, and a few other GMs), and call them 'Nazis' or whatever.

These shitheads tend to flame the GMs when they get caught Harassing, and threatening among a few things.

Due to the Open PVP, there's been numerous pkers who've been banned for excessive pking of low levels, and novices under level thirteen.

Looks like Peter made a midget-GM again on Ragnarok Frontier
by Nightmare on Xenophase September 20, 2007

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