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A wolf, Coloradonian to be precise, lives in the natural setting of any computer loving canid, the basement. During the day this canid may be found sleeping in it's den, or maybe out and about it's native enviorment. At night this canid may be found anywhere as it is nocternal by nature. And does much travels, even using it's power it can travel around the world as a datapacket on the plains of Internet.
Xirex will tell NightWolf about Beast's exploits and Nightwolf will eat Beast, a lesser animal, becasue of it.
by NightWolfx03 February 17, 2005
Canis Lupus Noctem
(I hope I did that right)

A rare Ohioan canid. This canid, like the Xirex, is nocturnal and can be found in the natural enviroment of the basement. This wolf's nocternal nature has given it excellent night time vision. This canid specializes in many technical areas, and thus is a "Jack of All trades". This canid is also extremely dangerous in the enviroment known as "Unreal Tournament". This canid can be found using his technology to communicate with the Xirex and Jadewolf over long distances.
Nightwolfx03 will devour lesser animals becasue they are prey.
by NightWolfx03 February 17, 2005

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