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When a guy takes a girl's head and leads her to blow him within the first few moments they make their first physical contact.

Background: Named after the character Nicky Santoro, played by Joe Pesci from Martin Scorcese's mafia masterpiece 'Casino,' which tells the story of how the mob ran Las Vegas. Pesci co-stars with Robert De Niro. In the movie, Santoro has an affair with De Niro's wife, played by Sharon Stone. The first time they hook up, the couple kiss aggressively for a few seconds before Pesci grabs Stone by the head and puts it on his cock. She complies.
The girl from Spain was a hoe, and she was drunk, so my friend went straight for the Santoro the first time they kissed. What a badass.
by Nicky Santoro Fan July 18, 2010
A group of girls who can be found in most clubs hanging around the guys who have ordered bottle service. They expect to be taken care of like they are Victoria's Secret models. They will not pay for anything and feel like they are entitled to drinking for free. Sadly, some poor suckers think they have a chance with these tricks and fall for their trap. Of course, the fix is in and all these hoes want is some free alcohol. If the guy is lucky, he will get a hug and kiss on the cheek at the end of the night.

Guys, don't be stupid. Say "NO" to bottle rats.
Dumbass Guy: So, do you guys want to take this party upstairs, we have a nice suite?

Bottle Rat A: Sorry, we can't!

Bottle Rat B: Yea, it's girls night out!

Dumbass Guy: Fuck my life.
by Nicky Santoro Fan July 04, 2011
When the sex is so great and aggressive that the woman will have to get her weave fixed afterwards.

This word was created by the poet Tauheed Epps, also known as 2Chainz. This term was mentioned in a few of his songs, and also in the Nicki Minaj song "Beez in the Trap".
Leonard: The love I made to that promiscuous young woman was so intense and aggressive she is now on her way back to the salon to have Olivier fix her weave once again. She will then return to my condo for another round of aggressive intercourse. I am a Hair Weave Killa.
by Nicky Santoro Fan March 10, 2013
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