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2 definitions by Nicka Tamblium

more on beau... he is approximately 7 feet tall give or take, weighs about nothing, because he's god-like, occasionally makes time for the ladies, and alwayyys wins. did i mention he is multi-talented and plays the drums like a black man raps, very good. he has a dog the size of my left index finger. we call him beau "s." because we humans can simply not pronounce the rest of his name, its higher than us and we'd die trying to say it.
"I can't explain the veranimosity that beau s. displays. he's a motha flippin God, walking amongst mere mortals."
by Nicka Tamblium February 01, 2005
describes the one and only Beau S. who doesn't live in Gilford yet goes to our school and doesn't have to pay tuition for some odd reason. He is also Multi'talented in many way. he ca't stretch though. his house is abouuut the size Maryland, give or take a few.

Beau like peanut butter cup cookies from pillsbury. mmmmm cookies.
Damn Nigga! Beau is the fuckin man!
by Nicka Tamblium February 01, 2005