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1 definition by Nick the big stick

The word ignorant people use when they really meant to say voilà.
Doug: So I simply changed the battery, turned it in, and wallah... it worked!
Bob: You mean voilà, right? The French word that means "look there"?
Doug: God dammit, am I dumb.
Bob: Yep, you sure are. I bet you also say "would of" when you really mean to say "would've", right?
Doug: Uh... maybe?
Bob: You know, English has a correct and incorrect way to spell things. It's not the 16th century when there was no formalization of the language and people simply made up spellings based on how they thought words sounded. There are standard spellings for words and it would behoove you to learn to spell like an adult. I mean, dude... you're 35.
Doug: lawl, fag... roffle
by Nick the big stick May 17, 2011
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