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3 definitions by Nibiru 33

A chair that has been modified with a funnel in the seat and a hose.Thus making it a toilet with a persons mouth on the end of the hose.The person sitting on the funnel chair then proceeds to urinate and defaecate into funnel and down the hose into the other persons mouth.
I just saw a video called Funnel Chair where this dude sat under this chair and ate some girls piss and shit
by Nibiru 33 March 10, 2010
42 11
Any sperm ejaculated with own hand
I got rid of some Hand Children last night.

I got some Hand Children on my pants.
by Nibiru 33 March 03, 2010
5 0
To leave work early. Usually unexpected
I am sick of this shit.Imma Take a half up in this bitch
by Nibiru 33 March 10, 2010
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