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2 definitions by Naught M.I. Realname

Myspace Pedofile

(1) A 40 yr old guy posing as a 19 yr old guy to rape unsuspecting teen girls

(2) A perverted, nasty looking old dude who spends all his time on myspace trying to track down girls and guys
Oh man! that girl got raped and kidnapped by some dude! He's a total mysophile.
by Naught M.I. Realname June 28, 2009
(1) A stupid 15 year old dude who sings in a retarded bubble gum pop band with his equally stupid brothers who all need to get singing lessons

(2) A retarded singer who broke up with Miley Cyrus an equally retarded singe who sounds like a countrified rabbit
Nick Jonas sucks and needs to get singing lessons
by Naught M.I. Realname June 28, 2009