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Douche douchebag, in the French language, means shower. Go call someone a douche in a France and they'd call you a jackass. If you call someone a douche in America, they probably will get offended. Douche is just another way of saying asshole, idiot, retard, etc. . Someone just sat down one day and thought "hmm we dont already have enough insulting words, let me think of another useless stupid one!". So they decided to use the word 'douche', coming from the name of a vaginal cleaning device.
1. Douche from the French language : Je va prendre un douche! - I'm going to take a shower.

2a. Douche from the English language : You're such a douche! - You're such an asshole, dumbass, jackass, idiot, retard, fucker. Anyone of those adjectives would work.

2b. Douche from the English language : Hold on, let me finish using my douche! - Hold on, let me finish cleaning my vagina.
by Nathalie Morgan November 13, 2005
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