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Dirka Dirka is the equivilent of "Yo" is the lost language of the Lahontin, a nomadic tribe that setteled in the Hualapai Valley and frequented the Black Rock Desert.

Adopted by members of the secret Jub-Jub society, Dirka Dirka can often be heard but seldon identified with any one particular speaker. Dirka Dirka continues to be used much like the word Paiute meaning water in the acient native american language however the very nature of the word defies modern use as it is not directed at anyone, but directed at no one and everyone at the same time.
A cry of Dirka Dirka will be heard and someone will just apear to have several cans of ice cold beer.

A cry of Dirka Dirka and out of the night friends you have never met show face.
by Nasty Tuna July 20, 2006

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