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Yet another highly addictive game by Facebook/Myspace game giant Zynga Game Networks. Basically, you make an avatar to attract "tasty votes," spend hours voting as "tasty" every member of your clan of >1,000 consisting mainly of total strangers, waiting for your energy and rage to refill, spending real money on favor points to buy those special abilities, fighting with people to get "blood" and "skill points," completing missions to get "blood" and experience points, buying "abilities" from the "bazar" and buying "minions" to offset the upkeep on the abilities, and of course attempting to find your real world worst enemies at Charlotte High School and add them to the hitlist within the game.
Your Commanding Officer: Ever play that game Vampire Wars?

Default Vampire: Yeah, kind of

Your Commanding Officer: What level are you?

Default Vampire: I think it's like level 10 or something

Your Commanding Officer: Oh man, you can do better than that; I'm level 166!

Teacher: No wonder your getting C's in my class!!
by NJROTC person November 29, 2009
Computer on wheels, used by floor nurses in hospitals and similar settings. The actual computer is actually a regular laptop using a docking station and external peripherals.
I like going on Urban Dictionary from a COW.
by NJROTC person November 29, 2009
1. Someone stupid, pathetic, or otherwise sets a bad example, hence a "queerleader"

2. A wierd cheerleader (does not have to be male)
1. All of the cheerleaders at Charlotte High School are queerleaders.

2. Not all cheerleaders in this world are bad, but those at CHS are total queerleaders.
by NJROTC person November 29, 2009
Hospital Corporation of America, formerly Columbia Health Care, is the largest private healthcare provider in the world according to Wikipedia. It is based in Nashville, TN, USA. It has about 180,000 employees and operates more than 200 facilities worldwide. It was founded by the Frist family, which former US Senator Bill Frist is a member of.
My mother is a nurse at an HCA hospital.
by NJROTC person November 29, 2009

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