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1. America's second founding document that replaced the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution was created in 1789 because many (NOT ALL) of our Founding Fathers believed that the AoC did not create a strong enough central government.

The US Constitution includes a preamble, 3 Federal Branches of government, and the Bill of Rights. The Consitution can also be amended, and now has 27 amendments ranging from pay raises for congress, to emancipation from slavery.

2. Any country's founding document.
1. Unfortunately the Consitution has been hammered away by both Left and Right political parties seeking to expand the Federal government. George W. Bush is not the first person to shit all over the Constitution. Stop giving him all the credit. Presidents like Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincholn, and FDR have caused the most damage.

2. Iraq needs to create a Constitution.
by N3r0666 June 07, 2005

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