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ohmagawsh alex evans (also known as alex heartbreaker) is a toatally hot guy.
Sometimes used to replace the word 'hot' or 'cool' or 'emo.'
Also owns famous clothing line and got fame and possibly fortune with his beautful blue eyes and awesome puffle hair :D
'OMG that hair is soo alex evans."
"Your eyes are alex evans"
by mysterious person January 27, 2008
Anders are usually total snobs, are grossed out of pretty much everything, and are the most annoying little twerps you could ever find on earth. Their friends are the same. I recommend if you ever see one, you should slowly back away, and avoid her.
Guy: hey what's your name?
Girl: its anders, wanna hang out some time?
Guy: no thanks. I'm gonna hang out with Jordan (girl) instead.
by Mysterious person June 20, 2012

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