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THE greatest metal band in all of history. Single handedly paved the way for thrash and speed metal. Formed in 1984 after Dave Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica, and thank god he was. Formed Megadeth as a rival to Metallica and proved without a doubt why he is the god that he is. Megadeth are the premier speed metal band, incredible solos, mind blowing lyrics and insanely good albums, ever single one of Megadeth's albums pisses all over Metallica. Stayed true to their roots, didn't sell out like Metallica and are still rockin' hard today. Restored my faith in metal and caused me to start my own religion with Mustaine as the chief god - Megadethism aka Mustaineism. Join today!
Megadeth could kick Metallica's ass any day. Just compare the albums to see why.
by Mustaine = God May 01, 2006
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