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A shot of ejaculate sprayed artfully across the lip of your sex partner.

An unappetizing flavor of ice cream usually sold in adult novelty stores.
Zac hadn't cum in three days and sprayed a thick cumstachio right across Pete's face.

Shirley said she would never let me give her a dirty sanchez so I gave her a cumstachio instead.

Cumstachio is one of the most sought after skills in a pornographic actor.

If a creepy old man offers you a lick of cumstachio ice cream, you should promptly alert a police officer.
by Muppetsoup, Andyavon February 02, 2010
Burning irritation of the eye as a result of ejaculate coming into contact with the sclera.
No I don't have pink eye, I have cumspunktivitis.

Zac tried to avert his eyes but Pete still shot him in the face and he had cumspunktivitis for the rest of the day.

Have you ever gotten cum in your eye Gabriel? It burns...and that's called cumspunktivitis.
by Muppetsoup, Andyavon February 02, 2010

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