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Aboriginal word for Woman, Wife or Girlfriend.

Mostly used by women.

From Northern Territory Australia.
1. In friendly greeting: "Heeey Cudjeri, where you been, have'nt seen you for ages sister girl!"

2. Inquiring: "Who that Cudjeri there?"
by Muligah March 05, 2012
Northern Territory slang for "Man"

Comes from "Muluka" Mul-luk-ka. The "U" pronounced as in "Luck". Muluka is an Aboriginal word for someone's husband, boyfriend or someone in authority.

Now refers to any male and is pronounced as "Muligah"
Often used when referring to an unidentified man, as in "Who that muligah?" or "Who that muligah you was with last night?"

Sometimes the "Gah" is drawn out in friendly greeting, like "Hey Muligaaagh, what you bin doing?"

Budju and Muligah are used proudly to define oneself as having come from Darwin & The Top End or The Northern Territory.
by Muligah October 26, 2011

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