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To describe an action without describing the action.

Bussit originally came from the words "Bust it" And/or "Bust a Move"

Made popular from the 80's rapper Young Mc - Bust a Move
See example in first second of song.
i.e " Hey Buddy, you wanna go to Mc.Kibbon's tonight?
reply: Let's Bussit bru"
by Mtl talk 123 November 18, 2010
Shuipty can be use virtually to replace any word you'd like. It usually replaces an action, but is generally used to make talking fun.

History: Inspired by humor music band; Group X.
"Hey Buddy, pass me that Shpuipty" you can also replace buddy,pass, and that with the word Shpuipty.
by Mtl talk 123 November 26, 2010
Frenglish(hybrid language english/french) slang meaning to the maximum/fullest.

You'll most commonly hear this expression in English municipalities in Montreal, Qc(Canada)
"Hey John, would you like to go hiking today?"
Response: " Let's do it a la MAX!"
by Mtl talk 123 November 26, 2010

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