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2 definitions by Mrs. Waxy Bunny

the female version of "pyro", short for pyromaniac. It means someone who is crazy around fire and likes to light things on fire randomly without any prior consideration or forethought. In other words, ME!!! Which is why my friend Jonathan calls me this all the time.
The girl (ok, me) poured lighter fluid on the picture of her ex-boyfriend, then lit it on fire, which also caused some other things to catch flame. Such as the lawn. When her mother came home and saw what she'd done, she just smiled, gave the girl her medicine, and patted her on the head. "My silly little pyroess," she said.
by Mrs. Waxy Bunny May 02, 2006
In short, a "valley girl". You know, the annoying cheerleader-ish one who sat by you in high school and the only words that ever came out of her mouth were, "And he said...then she said...and I was like, no way!" or, "Oh my God, I broke a nail!" A superficial and utterly shallow, soulless being. She is either a cheerleader or is friends with the whole squad. She is envied for her looks, and is annoyingly thin because all she ever eats is salad. Or sometimes twinkies eat whatever they want and are still annoyingly thin because they go to the gym a lot or just have really fast metabolism. She is almost always blonde and gets away with EVERYTHING. She usually comes from a rich family and always has perfect nails and hair, and tons of accessories, not to mention her own stash of fluffy pens and of course name-brand clothes. Seeing her in a bikini would make every guy in the school drool over her huge chest, and every girl barf in envy.
(Setting: a classroom in a typical American high school. The teacher is yelling at everyone to shut up and pay attention, but seems totally oblivious to the twinkie yakking away obnoxiously on her cell phone.)
"NO!! ...You are not serious!! ...He broke UP with her??!!... Well give him, I don't know, do you think two days is too much?... Ok, two days, then give him my number.... No, I'm not going to DATE him, silly! I just want to hook up with him. That way I can finally get (insert football player's name here) to notice me!
by Mrs. Waxy Bunny June 02, 2006