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A fart that instead traveling out to the side or rear of the buttocks, travels forward rolling up past the balls and taint area. It offers a straight-to-the-face delivery making the smell worse than usual.
Diby fired such a mean fart roll up while driving back from Buffalo Wild Wings that he needed to open the windows and decline his seat to avoid getting his eyes burned.
by MrRidiculous December 13, 2008
When a man likes to hang out with other men and participate in manly events such as drinking, fishing, baseball, or any other 'manly' or male bonding event. It should never be confused with 'loving men', which is just 100% gay. It is only used to represent the fact that one man enjoys the company of other men in certain situations, keeping all shopping, make-up, period, and baby conversations a big no-no.
It kinda sucks that we couldn't get any girls to this camping party. Then again, I like men, so it's not so bad.

The new hot girl won't go out to lunch with us to the new burrito place? That sucks, but thank god I like men.
by MrRidiculous April 24, 2008
A derogatory term for persons related to slaves that were brought to areas in the Caribbean and South America and forced to work on sugar cane plantations (which were needed to produce molasses, a key ingredient in producing rum). This term is usually only used when referring to a person of Puerto Rican descent, due to Puerto Rico being the capital of rum production.
Our vacation to Puerto Rico was quite unforgettable due to the fact that Heather had her purse snatched by some rum slave. We had to make an unplanned venture the cruise ship to have more traveler's checks issued, which forced us to cancel our plans to go rain forest hiking.
by MrRidiculous June 21, 2007

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