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A form of Tea made from Skunk (Marijuana). It is generally made by those who buy Illegal Skunk and cut the corner of a tea bag off, they then pour out some of the crushed tea leaves already contained in the bag and replace them with broken down Marijuana leaves, then sew up the bag. This drink is then formed by placing the, now, Skea-bag into a cup or mug of boiling water and left to ferment, like Tea. The effects are as expected from Marijuana and the brew is often choke-inducing but the taste is described as "Nice with two sugars but no milk."
"I got some skunk, lets make some Skea man."

"You know what would be bangin'? Some Skea man!"

"This Skea has got me fucked man."
by Mr.Fluffy Jonny April 16, 2008

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