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A rotten scumbag of a president. As authors on this site obviously slant left wing, independent and libertarian, I'm a little shocked at how anyone on UrbanDictionary could defend such a wackjob of a president. Many of you were probably brainwashed into the "Reagan Legacy" - which is easily the biggest presidential hoax of all time. If anyone goes back and researches Reagan's term and reads his personal writings it would become shockingly apparent that Reagan was just manipulating the masses with a fake personality. Reagan figured that since he was formally an actor he could play the role of a character during his whole term.

See: complete fake and phony
It is a little known fact that in the early 1960's Ronald Reagan OPPOSED equal rights for African Americans.
by Mr. Squeaky March 22, 2009
Generally a loser who believes that the only thing in life that matters is working and providing for society. And they pointlessly look down on people who would rather do something actually fun with their time than working all the time.

I'd rather be so called "lazy" and "irresponsible" and enjoy my life doing what I want to do rather than work and be bored all the damn time. Yeah, I understand that work is important to keep society going, but god damn, these people are just plain dull.
Workaholics are wasting their lives away.
by Mr. Squeaky April 09, 2009

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