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When someone neglects cutting their toenails for so long, their length and color resemble Fritos.
For someone who maintains such a well-groomed appearance, she was shocked to see his fritoes when he took off his socks.
by Mr. Met 1974 November 01, 2009
The act of cumming on your own face, either on purpose or accidentally.
Person #1: Everything was going great, then she decided to jerk me off and I hit myself right in the face with my own cum.

Person #2: I had no idea you enjoyed youkkake.

Person#1: I don't.
by Mr. Met 1974 March 29, 2010
Jack Daniel's and Coke with a lime. The combination of alcohol, caffeine and vitamin C is the perfect drink to carry you through an entire weekend in Las Vegas without catching a cold. For the calorie conscious, diet coke will also work. That way you can have more Vegas Juice!
I was completely prepared for my weekend in Vegas. I drank vitamin water for two days before and Vegas juice for the entire trip. I slept two hours a day and feel just fine. Although I don't remember much.
by Mr. Met 1974 July 03, 2012

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