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A player is not a man that self-defines. He is given this title or one of many other terms associated with " player" I.e. male friend sill say : pomp,Mack,sleeper,Mr.big and so on. But a female will say: jerk,Ass whole, and so on then maybe even lie about the size of your coco. Leaving the "player" to prove to these friends that he is in fact The Man.
Thank you to jealous broads that think they can solve problems that don't involve them!

A player is just a man that plays the field, admitted some play the Super Bowl year round. This is just the way it is.

A player does not get caught or he is no longer a player !

If a player is suspected he will not stop but deny. As Shaggy said, "IT WASN'T ME"

Most of the females that tell us how smart they are... are not. They will be upset with you if you let them but if your upset for being blame0d they will always forgive you.

A player will not be intimidated by threats by friends if they happen to see you, but hook up with that friend so they will not be able to say a athing

Bottom line a player is just a man trying to find the "first round pick" in the game of life
A "player"Any one that doesn't settle for a crazy,jealous,ugly,fat ,sultry.... female that is not quite worth his time!

Damn that slut got crazy and that "player" kicked her to the curb.
Oh well that's why he has more.
by Mr. GoodLuck September 30, 2011
1) The term for a Dick in jail!
2) meth pipe.... also refered to as a "glass dick"
1) guy in jail (straight)- You better keep they faggot ass pookie away from me or ill rip it off ! Bitch!!!

Guy in jail (faggot that thinks he's gotta establish dominance) - Ok!Ok! I'm a little bitch that was told things about jail that rarely happen and thought thats what I had to do. Sorry I'm a Fucking Retard

2) some time back in the 70's

(guy just released from prison) - Damn bitch I just got out come sit on my "pookie" its been a long time.

(Tweaker bitch) yeah I love me some "pookie" .... Damn instead of calling that meth pipe a glass Dick I could just say pookie !

(Guy just released from prison) For a Fucking tweaker that's pretty Fucking smart! I hated smoking out of something called a glass Dick anyhow. And the police won't know what we are saying anymore.
by Mr. GoodLuck September 30, 2011

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