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4 definitions by Mr. Bute

A small or large breaded or battered fish, from your local chippy.
Ay bute just fetch me a lilian gish, fuck the chips I,am on a diet.
by Mr. Bute October 27, 2007
17 6
Your wife or your mates wife, or even a wife to be!!
In the local pub after having a few bevys "Fuck me Bute the brides here, " time to go".
by Mr. Bute October 27, 2007
15 6
Yours or someone other persons fingers.
Blast Iv,e just closed the door on a couple of my bellringers.
by Mr. Bute October 27, 2007
16 7
A person who loves eating sausages, especially hot dogs,the bonus being weddings and funerals as thers always a plate full.
I might have known, "Sausage has polished off all the sausages on sticks", "greedy bastard". Poor Linda,s missed out again..
by Mr. Bute October 27, 2007
7 17