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The loud, balding, obnoxious guy that's always in front of you any place you have to wait in line: the bank, the checkout counter, McDonald's. Always has his cheesy '80s sunglasses tucked into the back of his tank top(the same tank that advertises bad beer or says "Don't Ask Me 4 Shit"), the tank that is straining at his beer belly or Hungry Man-induced same. Never wears deodorant. The guy who always passes the waiting time making comments that are corny or flat-out stupid, but for some reason, crack his shit up. All the while, he's trying in vain to suck in his stomach, and trying to flirt with the 16-year old help. Eeewww.
So, there was this... Gut in front of me last night...

Get outta the way, GUT! Nobody's impressed, and the rest of us got lives!

I got drunk last night and was a total GUT.
by Mr. Bufo December 01, 2005

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