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1 definition by Mr. Bigggg

Pertaining to an individual, male, female, etc. whose appearance is so repulsive that it causes a male to have a retraction of the penis.

One who is bitch ugly may have red hair, freckles, excess make-up, acne, (females may show traces of the mustache; with broad shoulders), imperfections of the teeth, multiple amounts of the chin, visible difference of the breasts, will wear hugging clothes in which the belly, with stretch marks, are shown. Skin may either be very pale, or very dark. Verrrry dark.

An excess amount of bitch ugly people are named Ashley, Jenna, Katy, Sue.
Person 1: Hey did you see that girl?
Person 2: Hell yeah nigga, she was BITCH UGLY!

Person 1: So what do you think about gingers?
Person 2: Bitch ugly.

Jenna is bitch ugly.
by Mr. Bigggg December 23, 2008