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3 definitions by Mr nobody

a random word an idiot made up hence the idiot above
the above what a chav
by Mr nobody March 12, 2005
a made up phrase to confuse the younger minded steriotypical american slob, yes all steriotypical americans are infact slobs and are what i like to call 'joe sixpack' if confused already look up the words
the typical american slobs are part of a joe sixpack tradition and will be confused by the term 'smellow yellow'
by Mr nobody March 14, 2005
money the american monkeys use via the destruction of the earth, monkey dollars will fend for your every whim cos you will be able to buy some monkeys to be your bitches
doud i got me a monkey for a bitch its like being in jail again

doud these monkeys bum harder than ther monkey dollars
by Mr nobody March 12, 2005