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Those kind of brownish transparent things floating on your eye balls. If you focus on them they keep moving and you can never make one stay still. Its like they are floating all around your eye for no reason but when you look in the mirror you cant see them. When you try to turn your head to follow them people think you are crazy and throw rocks at you.
I was following the eye worms around on my eye by turning my head and suddenly I was looking into the sun and now iam blind.
by Mr Pib April 02, 2005
Pants made in Asia by children & made of very poor quality. Very dangerous to wear especially if your planning on having children. mewingpants will catch on fire if you expose them to sunlight, darkness, warmness, coldness, dryness, quietness, loudness & any thing that is made from molecules.
Iam so poor I can only afford mewingpants but I cant wear them.
by Mr Pib April 02, 2005
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