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1 definition by Mr Fuck White People

A White Person Who Wants To Be Black: This Being Done Either By Copying The Style Of A Black Person Or Copying How They Speak.

One Example Is A White Person Saying "Yeah Nigga"

Im Black.. I Dont Really Give A Fuck.. Because Its Not Putting Me Down.. It Just Makes Me Look At Them And Think

Their White Why Cant They Just Embrace It And Not Try And Be Someone Their Not

Anyways Ive Seen Plenty Of Racist Comments On This Website So.. Let Me Say Something :)

Fuck All You Dumb White Wigga Redneck Pikey Cracker Pricks..

All Of You Burn And Go To Hell You White Dickheads!

Thanks :)
"White People Are Pricks, They Should All Burn In Hell.. Stupid Wiggers"
by Mr Fuck White People August 26, 2009