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1 definition by Mr Buns the 2nd

They arn't really emo, people just see the video for "I write sins not tragedies" and say "ew person in black! EMO!". To judge an emo band, listen to the lyrics, stupid.
They don't really sound like fall out boy, in terms of their style etc. For one you can actually here what the lead of Panic! is saying, but I must say they have the same tone. I disagree with people saying they are un-talented or un-creative with music and lyrics. Their lyrics are quite sophisticated and have meaning if you listen without the constant thought of 'emo' going through your head. See the meaning of emo and then listen to Panic!, morons.
Also, the only credit they get is from their song 'I write sins not tragedies', but as another bloke said, people get annoyed because other people like the music and the band is getting some credit they deserve.
Me - i have to fill in this box -.- Panic! At The DIsco
by Mr Buns the 2nd August 31, 2006
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