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a girl that is so ugly it looks like she washed her face with a pile of bricks.
have you seen brick wash around? Where did that ugly bitch go. Originated in Pittsburg California
by Morgan Sevobogohff April 27, 2006
Perpayakin is when a person builds up a pontiac car with chevy parts. They are perpetrating that they have an original pontiac so they are perpayakin.
Quit perpayackin your ride. or Someone buying cheap chevy parts because they can't afford pontiac parts.
by Morgan Sevobogohff April 27, 2006
it is a girl that is a slut. this could also be your girlfriend depending on here faithfullness.
stuck lit a the house with a sleezy.
by Morgan Sevobogohff April 27, 2006
taking any type of object that can be used for graffiti (i.e rock, paint, streaker, marker) and putting your name up.
Lets go mobbing at the train yards. Or Damn that shit got mobbed.
by Morgan Sevobogohff April 27, 2006

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