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Sex move requiring the male component to hold the female in front of them and, with no assistance from the female, forcibly push and pull her on and off of his fagigglystick/shamalamadingdong/penis.
"So last night I gave this super hot chick with awesome trees (see tree def. #60) a major dwarven pounding."

"Bro, no way!"
by Moosetoph March 26, 2009
An imaginary last name commonly used as a "wiener" joke (similar to the name I.C. Wiener)
"Hey, I've got this pizza for James Dicksaplenty...or you're just awful!"
by Moosetoph March 26, 2009
Broad insult towards a person acting in a negative fashion, or like a douche or douche-bag.
Douche: "Hey watch me twirl my belt-buckle wheel rim, I'm so sweet!"

Average Joe: "Shut the fuck up you douchenozzle!"
by Moosetoph March 26, 2009
1. To partake in the event of LARP (Live Action Role Playing) with a donkey.

2. To attack, provoke, or molest a donkey or ass (in both senses) with a LARP weapon or other fake weapon, usually covered in foam.

3. Slang for penis. See fogigglystick.
"That would be hilarious to LARPADONKEY!"

"I'm gonna sneak up on that fine-ass bitch and give her a good ol' LARPADONKEY, mother fucka'!"

"The dude had a chode for a LARPADONKEY!"
by Moosetoph March 26, 2009

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