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A variation on the popular stranger and reverse stranger. This challenging technique is achieved by sitting on both your hand and your penis until they become numb. You then proceed to jerk off. Because you can't feel anything, it is like watching someone else jerk off.
I was really bored last night so I gave myself the double reverse stranger. Does that make me gay?
by Monsterod Von Hugenstein August 17, 2006
A small pillow placed between the knees to alleviate back pain.
I can never get a good night's sleep without my knillow.
by Monsterod Von Hugenstein August 16, 2006
Getting head while taking a shit. The falling turds splash toilet water all over the girl's face. Like a regular blumpkin, only much wetter.
She needed to dry herself off with a towel after giving me a splashing blumpkin. (Your Mom, that is.)
by Monsterod Von Hugenstein August 15, 2006
An unexpected anal penetration.
You should have seen her face when I gave her the zonker.
by Monsterod Von Hugenstein August 17, 2006

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