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Mammarazzi is a parent (usually the mom because they are the ones always left out of the pictures) who takes pictures of Every Single Thing their child does from their First poop and/or potty in the toilet, walk, scraped knee, coloring on the wall all they way up to their teens when that embarrasses the hell out of them especially in when their friends come over. They will do anything to get the perfect shot!

Mammarazzis also like to play "show and tell" of all those boring photo's taken.
Please excuse my mom she is a Mammarazzi! Just smile and she will leave soon!

Watch out, hurry up and duck, that Mammarazzi is coming!

That dam Mammarazzi get on my nerves! She is always blocking our view!

Usher...Please make that Mammarazzi sit down!
by Momma Miss October 18, 2009

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