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(also can be called a goob)
1.a person who could very possibly be well-meaning, but is incredibly awkward to the point of making those around him or her feel uncomfortable and twitchy.
2. a person who, again, may be well-meaning, but has extremely annoying personal habits that annoy the hell out of everyone.

examples of signs of gooberosity:
chews gum extremely loud with mouth open (not obnoxious-on-purpose, but more obnoxious-without-realizing-it); always wears pants that are slightly too short or sleeves slightly too small; often uses a rolling backpack; squints a lot; has trouble controlling the volume of his or her voice; interrupts others to tell uninteresting stories but doesn't realize it; often enthuastic about everything; and, the most significant goober sign: Heavy Mouth Breather.

These signs of goobdom are not condemning a person, because goobs can very often be quite entertaining and cool, but have gooby qualities about them.
Every time I see Patty in the hall, she breathes all over me and practically shouts, "HEY! WHAT'S UP?!" She's such a goober.
by Molly S March 22, 2006

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