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A crazy, orange animal (not in the slaggy fake tan way, in the ginger way) who is often found in kitchens, fridges or the biscuit tin. she enjoys eating, dancing and watching adverts, on repeat!

She works as an innovative sandwich designer, her most famous creation was the 'carrot, cheese and humous' sandwich.
She is most famous for winning the international 'crab jazz' competition, though her other achievements include: looking pretty fly even though she's wearing heart sunglasses and string round her head dancing in mog's lounge.
"Oh my God i saw a Sog the other night!"
"Really?! where"
"Chilling in my kitchen with toilet paper on its head"
"hahahaha really?! what was it doing"
"eating my biscuits"
"man that sucks, i hope you got some more"
"yeah i did! its OK though because she fixed me a humous, cheese and carrot sandwich"
"ooooooh that sounds tasty!!!!"
by Mog & Buna November 11, 2011
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