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3 definitions by Moe Jillionaire

When you're in an intimate setting with someone and one of you poops into the other's butt-hole and they take that same poo and poo it back into your butt-hole. And back and forth until you decide to stop.
Me and my girlfriend decided to ride the Montana Monorail if you know what I mean.
by Moe Jillionaire August 18, 2007
32 15
It's a big box with a screen hooked up to it. It has a clicky-thing and a board with letters on it. It's good for looking stuff up on and playing with when bored.
I gots me a compruter now so I can get on that Myspace program.
My boss told me to get a compruter so I can email my work home.
by Moe Jillionaire February 15, 2007
21 9
Tricked out car parts bought on a McDonald's salary.
(laughing)Look at that Civic trying to be gangster... It's got those crappy McRims and everything!
by Moe Jillionaire April 03, 2008
4 0