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The worst rapper ever to grace God's green earth. He makes Soulja Boy look like Rakim. He raps on theeyeofmusik.newgrounds.com and claims to sell beats for $5000 a piece, yet he can't afford a decent microphone. He use to run an internet rap crew called "RMP" that NEVER had decent rappers in it, but they all left because DJ SES was using them to present himself as a boss in the eye of the public but in fact he is nothing more than a weak little 10pound bitch. (See Internet Gangster, E-Thug, ETC.)

He was hurt by many lacking artists in the hip hop newgrounds community but ultimately his false image and his net crew (rmp) were demolished by the number 1 hip hop newgrounds artist at the time(Mr. BigBadLejin). DJ SES also got sonned by MC Mercury and every other lacking rappers he's ever come in contact with.
Guy 1: "Damn son, you hear that new DJ SES joint?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, it must have been hell for the ears on the engineer who recorded it"

Guy 1: "DAMN, that shit was so wack son... how do you FLOP that much and still choose to live?"

Guy 2: Its static garbage...

Guy 1: I rather listen to that whiteboy Kill Bill.

Guy 2: I wish Lejin would hurry back from his expensive vacation and give us that real music we want to hear!

Guy 1: Word we need him now more than ever... Too many weirdos acting like theres something wrong with being manly these days.
by Modern Hip Hop Newgrounds November 09, 2011

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