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3 definitions by Mocha Chubby

When someone sends you pretty much the same fucking message everyday (usually "sup what u doing" or "watcha doin").Similar to textual harassment.
Ian:Dude JV won't stop fuckin textin me. He texts me every fuckin day sayin "hey watcha doin."

Jonathan:He's a textual stalker.
by Mocha Chubby May 22, 2010
5 1
When some one wants to text other people usually 2 or more people at the same time for there own pleasure.
Ryan:Why do you always text hella people every fuckin day?

JV:It's to keep my textual pleasure satisfied.
by Mocha Chubby May 21, 2010
2 1
A word with the words "white" and "faggot" mixed.
Jimmy: Is it true that John likes Desmond?

Jonathan:Yup, he's one big whaggot
by Mocha Chubby May 21, 2010
4 4