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2 definitions by Mix Masta Maya

Of or pertaining to a troll, in either the mythical or irritating sense.
1. Edvard Greig is a rather trollish composer.

2. He was acting rather trollish when he told her that she's a whore.
by Mix Masta Maya January 01, 2009
Something that is completely cliche and artificial and exaggerated, as if ripped straight from a movie. Usually (but not always) "campy" is used to describe dialog that sounds cheesy and scripted.
Person A: Thank you so much!
Person B: Any decent person would have done it.
Person A: Then I don't know any decent people.
Person B: You do now.
*They kiss*
Person A: Wow... that was so campy.
by Mix Masta Maya January 11, 2009