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a common deformity among females of the filthy whore variety, meat curtains refer to the extreme excess of outer vaginal skin. Often as a result of fucking anything that'll fuck you back, the outer labial get stretched to the point of no return causing the vagina to resemble an axe wound. Often these foul creatures who bear this particular self induced deformity like to decieve you into thinking that they are clean and nice by choosing cute little monikers like Valerie Hunter, Better than Botox, and female doppleganger.... This last moniker should be your clue that these are not real women but monsters that once were women and if they had as many cocks on the outside as they had on their inside, they would look like porcupines. So beware gentlemen, this is one hole that if you stick your penis in, you may never get it back.
I went down on this girl and I had to stop-I was choking on her meat curtains!
by MissMeDont You November 30, 2010

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