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1 definition by Millardo Pierce

Immigration Pests.

Unable to handle themselves, they run their own country down right after the Spanish tried to civilize them.

Like Africa, once the white man left, it's another textbook example of Race/IQ to country prosperity statistic.

Known throughout the world to kiss the white man's shoe and projected in the future to lick their East Asian master's feet as well.

Marrying a White/East Asian man is the goal of a Pinoy women.

The first thought of any mainland Pinoy is to migrate out of the shithole they have created.

Pinoys have a huge false sense of pride, Filipino Pride, also known as the pride of nothingness, they like to talk about how they have contributed to the society they immigrate to that is doing perfectly well before taking pity on them and let them in.

Pinoys quickly forgot they were "escaping" from their shithole, and were not "asked" to be in their new immigrated country.
They have this false sense of entitlement that their host country simply cannot do without them because Pinoys run their own country so well.

No White/East Asian countries would roll out a red carpet for Pinoys, the host's undoing will be its own kindness to these Pest.

However, recognizing that these pest love to migrate to prosperous country, measuring the amount of Pinoy immigrate can be use as a tool to indicate the prosperity level of the host country until these Pest population takes root and run the host country down like how HIV kill its host slowly as it turns into AIDs.
Happy Filipinos:
I married a Chinese guy, I am going to have a good life :D

I love my white husband not because of race but because he is a good man (yeah right...)

I am so proud of my Filipino race and country that I can't wait to migrate out of it !

Filipino Pride! Fuck Yeah!

We are Smart Asians ! (Sorry to disappoint you Pinoy, the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans don't want to have anything to do with you, but of course, your false sense of pride will always be at your disposal)

The only race that goes about hanging the East Asian pride on themselves even though they are just pacific islanders, Pinoys set up Asian Irc, Asian Ring, Asian this and that and when you check it out, it's all Filipinos, how disappointing, not the real Asians...
by Millardo Pierce August 06, 2012
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