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Well known throughout the world and perhaps even within their own country by other races as intellectually inferior.

There are of course mutants who succeed in life but the majorities are always on some form of welfare or require the support of some organization created solely to help them.

As a race that is unable, as a whole to save themselves from their genetic intellectual incompetents, most of them resort to some forms of internal frustration which are then transferred to other factors beyond themselves, a.k.a, the blaming game.

The Malays are well known, very well known as a matter of fact, for blaming everyone else for their incompetents.

In countries where they are the minorities, they justified their incompetents by stating they were oppressed.

In their own home land, they justified their incompetents by stating that the minorities are the one causing their problem.

What the Malay race have reflected upon them as a whole right now is something that is too consistent throughout the world for any politically correct description to be laid on them to make them sound anything other than destructive as a race.

The truth is, this is the best they could achieve as a race, no more could be expected of them.

For countries that wish to retain economical and intellectual superiority, they would do well to deport the Malays before they bred like rabbits and lower the overall IQ level of the host country they infest and slowly suck the host country dry through welfare.
My Malay son never finished school but it’s ok, he will survive.

Those Malays are having sex in the public.

My Malay friends don’t understand why I like to study.

Those Malays sure do marry young and have a lot of kids don’t they.

That Malay man borrowed $500 from me saying he will return it to me the next day, it’s been 30 years and he is nowhere to be found.

That Malay neighbor turns up his Audio System to Full Blast so that everyone can hear what he is listening to.

That Malay girl wears a lot of make up and is sitting on his boyfriend lap in public.

That Malay guy is angry that he is poor and his way of dealing with it is by being angrier.
by Millard Pierce July 16, 2011

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